Incoming all you house music lovers — Tchami’sConfession‘ label just released a nine track album of bass house and house jams. With a bunch of various artists unbeknownst to us yet, their beats are killer.

Boomerang‘ by Los Padres and Nina Sung

Kicking off the album is a melodic, effervescent house track featuring the soulful vocals of Nina. It gradually builds up, but once the drop hits, it’s an explosion of bass and snazzy record spins in your face. The lyrics add sweet emotion to this track as well.

Braa‘ by INDOX

This one starts off strong with a bass house groove. With ticking in the beginning, it foreshadows an epic drop waiting to happen. Suddenly, it hits you hard. Wobbles in bass and hi-hats intertwine to create a perfect syncopation of bass and house music.

Odd Life‘ by Maximono

Comes in third with an unrelenting house track causing much chaos. His dirty bass pounding in the background pushes through echoing vocal samples. It holds a darker, underground vibe perfect for the label.

Malfunction‘ by BARILAN

He wrote this in his bedroom in less than 24 hours. DJ Snake and Malaa played it at Hard Summer recently and the crowd went wild. It’s a killer house track with great cuts of wobbly bass. This needs to be heard for yourself to show just how great it is.

Physical‘ by Cave Studio

It starts off with a sultry atmosphere. Female and male vocals sing the lyrics while a groovy bass line joins in. This house track will turn heads and make your bodies dance instantly. Each drop is backed by a bass line that our French producer would be proud of.

Get Down‘ by Gian Nobilee and Hawk

This is a progressive house track from the up and coming Italian producer. With a Brazilian vibe to this piece, do as the lyrics say and get down to it.

Мои Желания‘ by Gosha

Next up is a very dark, progressive house track with a great supporting bass line. Little is known about this artist but we can see why his track made it onto the album. It fits the heavy bass groove of the label.

Handle‘ by Malive

Here is another bass house track with squelchy bass that is great to shuffle to. Keep in tune with sassy lyrics because they will make you handle anything.

To The Rhythm‘ by ToMix

Closing out the album is a perfect deep house blend with funk and bass. This one is a rooftop banger. All that can be said is that it’s dope af.

Take a listen to the latest Alchemy compilation below!

Alchemy 5 – Various Artists | Buy/Stream