T-Pain Says Most Artists Lie About Reason They Cancel

Rapper T-Pain recently canceled his upcoming 1UP DLC Tour admitting poor ticket sales caused the cancellation. While this is a reasonable excuse for canceling the tour, his candor is what has people talking today.

Faheem Rasheed Najm, who goes by the stage name T-Pain, spoke in a post explaining the cancellation. In the video, T-Pain claimed that most artists cancel or postpone a tour due to poor ticket sales. While this is usually the reason, T-Pain said that “most artists lie”, using various excuses to cancel shows.

In the video the rapper tells his fans that him and his team “fucked up”. One of the biggest issues regarding the tour was tickets not becoming available until September with tour dates starting in November.

When it came time to make a decision, T-Pain himself canceled the tour. He thought it would look bad if the venues he was performing at weren’t full. We’ve certainly seen our fair share of poorly attended events or festivals/shows canceled with barely any explanation. Now you know the real reason.

Those who did purchase tickets to the 1UP DLC Tour will be full refunded according to the video.

While the 1UP DLC Tour will not be going on as scheduled, this will be far from the end of T-Pain. The Masked Singer winner and Electric Forest performer will surely make it up to his fans.