Gareth Emery – ‘Laserface 03 (Leaving You)’

On this occasion, the British trance DJ and producer Gareth Emery has just released the third part of his project with Laserface 03. This track continues the trend that he started with Laserface 01 and 02.

This new release by Gareth Emery is a continuation of his biggest project throughout his long lasting career. This new group of tracks is designed to match a huge laser exhibition. In addition, these tracks intend to tell a story to trance fans. This show already took place with the release of the previous versions but the show must go on.

Now that Gareth Emery retired from the All Night Long sets, he is developing new tunes and giving importance to the visual show. Truth to be said, he is doing it great and thriving.

The main characters of this track are melodic sparks and gleaming synth soars that tailspin into the night. The amazing build of the drop offers up full-scale euphoria tailored to the biggest venues.

If you want to check Gareth Emery’s Laserface 03 you can do it in this Spotify link