Spektre Announce Full-Length Album “Against a Dark Background”

As we gear up to step into a new decade, we have a vast array of things to look forward to. Recently, British techno duo, Spektre, has given us another thrilling moment to add to our calendars for this coming new year. In early 2020, fans can expect a brand new full-length studio album from the talented group! We can barely contain our excitement. Next year is shaping up to be one of the best yet!

Christened Against a Dark Background, the album will be released on Pleasurekraft‘s well-known Kraftek imprint. This will mark the third studio long-player from Rich Wakley and Paul Maddox. The colleagues/friends have been producing together since 2006 and have released esteemed albums such as Casting Shadows Without Light and Cyclic Operations.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun. It’s pretty mind blowing, in our opinion, that Cyclic Operations dropped way back in 2013. Recently, the artists have touched base on this fact by stating,

“It had been over 5 years since the release of Cyclic Operations when we first started work on the new album in earnest, so we wanted it to be a representation of how our music has evolved in that intervening period.”

They continued by confirming, “The writing process itself was a lot more reductive than the previous two albums. We holed ourselves up for a few months and hammered out loads and loads of ideas, then filtered and refined the pool through playing them out and getting feedback from a few trusted pairs of ears, until Against a Dark Background began to crystallize into its final form.”

We absolutely can’t wait to listen to their fresh creation. We’re positive their forward thinking productions will come into play, as we have seen throughout the years. Furthermore, they currently hold the top five-selling techno artists worldwide; that fact certainly speaks for itself when it comes to success. We have no doubts that Against a Dark Background will live up to the hype! Bring on 2020.