RÜFÜS DU SOL’s North American Run Winds Down

RUFUS DU SOL performs at LA Historic Park.

Life would be so much better without Red Rocks Amphitheater – said no one ever. At least, no one who doesn’t live directly adjacent to the monolithic venue has. Cranky denizens of Morrison notwithstanding, heads in Colorado, are pretty smitten with their EDM tour-magnet. Consequently, the last decade will be tough to outdo in regards to musical saturation. Especially when factoring in Beta Nightclub with quite the massive pull of its own, is situated mere minutes away. Thus, it should come as no surprise that industry giants RÜFÜS DU SOL close out an epic North American run right here in the bass capital. Following a gig at Aspen’s Belly Up, was an epic two-night, Red Rocks takeover. Then, fittingly, the trio bid farewell to North America in California where it all began months ago at Coachella.

Is This The No. 1 North American Venue?

Beyond Colorado’s borders that night, fans can rejoice over the release of RÜFÜS‘ epic Opulent Temple Party mix. Unfortunately sets from Red Rocks rarely get to see the same light of day. Certainly, this only adds to the allure of catching a live-set there. It’s hard to advocate for a better place to conclude any North American run of a tour circuit. Nothing beats seeing the lasers bouncing off the rocks as the sun sets over the Rockies in the distance. Except, of course, getting to see it on back to back nights. Although, watching the evening sky stream from navy to topaz as the crowd belts out your songs deserves serious consideration.

Indeed, these are subjects every performer brings up at some point during their set. Nevertheless, they’re a small part of why so many artists aim to wrap up their own North American run here too. In other words, there’s no doubt this is everyone’s favorite place to play. Surely, it’s naive to believe artists aren’t regularly proclaiming their current location as their favorite-place jam. However, as cliche as it may be, you have to be there to truly understand the sincerity behind those sentiments. Luckily, EDMTunes is always on the job, sending its troops around the globe in search of nights just like these. To illustrate this, we’ve compiled some of the night’s highlights in the recap video below.

RÜFÜS DU SOL is Every Bit as Good as Advertised

Admittedly, you have to go out of your way to have a bad time at Red Rocks. Even the guy who takes a tumble down those tricky stairs doesn’t leave a RR show early. While that may be true, RÜFÜS DU SOL deserves a lot of credit for the stellar show they put on. From this, it makes us incredibly sad that their North American run has come to an end. It’s no secret that Red Rocks and jam-bands are very fond of one another. Pretty Lights, Keys ‘n’ Krates, Big Gigantic, and Savoy can all vouch for that. Or, let GoldFish and Zhu, tell you how hard fans are vibing on the live-set movement right now. Beyond this, however, RDS sets itself apart with one important characteristic – that housey and techy sound never gets diluted.

[Photos by Bass’D Out DNVRBassDOutDNVR.org]

Even without a traditional DJ setup you almost forget that the trio is pushing these beats out live. As they seamlessly blend bangers from all throughout their ethereal catalog together, the crowd never quits bouncing. Undoubtedly, that isn’t an easy thing to pull off. Far and away, that is what makes them so special. So, if you can, you should catch them at one of the few remaining dates they have for 2019. Be sure to keep up with RÜFÜS DU SOL at the links below and keep crossing those fingers for another North American run next year.

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