The world of dance music is absolutely booming right now, and sitting atop the throne as the king of EDM is none other, than Martin Garrix. The man has been named the DJ Mag Top 100 #1 DJ three years in a row. With that being said, he just might make it a fourth time too. Who knows though, as he recently made his feelings on the ranking system pretty well known. From his meteoric rise to stardom, to his radio hits, Martin Garrix seems to be setting the record pretty high for all those who come after him. As amazing as this all is, this wouldn’t be possible without two men in particular. Those men are Tiësto and David Guetta.

Martin Garrix b2b Tiësto b2b David Guetta

If you doubt this at all, don’t just take my word for it, but take Martin‘s. During his recent ADE set, Martin Garrix brought out the legends themselves, both Tiësto, and David Guetta. He proclaims ‘If it wasn’t for these two guys, I wouldn’t be making music, I wouldn’t be Martin Garrix, makes some noise for David Guetta and Tiësto’. It’s at this point that Tiesto’s track ‘Boom‘, together with Sevenn is dropped.

The trio continued to play together for a bit, taking turns playing out their respective tracks. It wouldn’t be a true David Guetta moment if he didn’t play out ‘Titanium’ featuring Sia. Luckily for those in attendance, he did just that. It was also nice to see Garrix pay homage to his mentors and those who have helped pave the way for him to be where he is at. Regardless of whether you like his music or not, Garrix is a true class act. Be sure to check out the videos of the special moment below, enjoy!

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Looks like a great time.

Courtesy Of Martin Garrix’s Facebook Page

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