New Electronic/Synth Event Electronic Singularity Is Underway

Here is a one time concert featuring three amazing electronic / synth music artists. Dubbed ‘Electronic Singularity‘, it is being held at the newly refurbished Nambucca, in England.

Taking place Friday night, November 15th, prepare yourselves for a convergence of bands from England, Wales and Sweden. This is a unique event, so expect tickets to be limited.

Here are your artists: Northern Kind, Future Perfect, and Johan Baeckström of Daily Planet.

Firstly, electronic duo Matt Culpin and Sarah Heeley make up Northern Kind. They are based in Leicester, UK and have a loyal international fanbase. With top charting albums across Europe, they critically acclaim the electronic music scene. They will give industry giants a run for their money here. Check out a little bit of their musical stylings below.

Secondly, Future Perfect takes influence from Joy Division and Depeche Mode so you know their performance is going to give off mad retro vibes. Totally fitting for the venue and environment. Their sound exemplifies and expands on the early stylings of O.M.D. and Pet Shop Boys as well. Here’s a little tidbit of what they’re bringing.

Thirdly, Johan Baeckström is the mastermind behind Swedish synthpop band Daily Planet. Flying solo now, he is a songwriter, producer, and singer. He’ll be adding onto to the 80s, electropop wave. Interested? Listen to some of his stuff below.

It is an 18+ event, so if you find yourselves in glorious London this weekend, make sure to stop by for this inaugural time.

Jamelle Bejarano is the organizer for the event. In celebration of her husband’s 50th birthday, this one time concert is for him!

Purchase your tickets here. They range between £24 to £44.