Kasbo – I Get You (feat. Lizzy Land)

Kasbo marks his return with his new single, ‘I Get You‘ featuring Lizzy Land. This is the first release since his album Places We Don’t Know (2018). Being quiet for a while, the producer recently updated us, informing on his sporadic hearing loss. Regardless of that whopping challenge, he continues to perform – and we are sure glad he’s back.

I Get You

Now that Kasbo is back through ODESZA‘s Foreign Family Collective and Counter Records, his sound noticeably evolved. With that in mind, it maintained the graceful and ethereal essence which grasped his melodic tones. Moreover, Lizzy’s vocals and surrounding production ooze a longing nostalgic feeling seemingly grasping the theme of the song. Coming from a heartfelt place, Kasbo spoke on what this meant to him.

“I Get You was one of the first songs I made after completing my last album. Lizzy Land sent over the vocal which really resonated with me. Usually, it’s mainly the melody I look for and then the maturity of the lyrical writing, but for I Get You I fell in love with the concept as well, which really inspired me. The whole idea of someone fully understanding and seeing someone – a feeling that fully came into fruition for me when I met my significant other, Jennifer, around the same time Lizzy Land sent the vocal to me. In my life, I think I’ve automatically deemed myself and a lot of things I feel and do as odd, or unjustified. Meeting Jennifer really changed that, she was the same and she fully understood the feelings I had. She made me and my feelings feel real and justified – she got me.”

Throughout touring, Kasbo has partaken in ODESZA’s A Moment Apart tour as a supporting act. Furthermore, he performed in support of his debut album, Places We Don’t Know. If you want to keep tabs on his tour schedule, you can find it on his website here.

Kasbo – I Get You (feat. Lizzy Land)