[WATCH] Jonas Aden Almost Sets Himself On Fire Filming Music Video

Jonas Aden is back at work creating another music video and yes, it will include fire. If you’ve seen some of his previous music videos, you’d know Aden goes all out, aiming to create something unique and out of the box. This time, Aden posted a short clip to Facebook, showing his close escape from a roaring fire. It’s believed the video belongs to a follow up single to his recent release ‘Riot‘.

Immediately after a crew member ignites the fire, the flames flow directly towards Aden, who is laying on the ground. In the background, crew yell for Aden to move, as it looks his eyes were closed. Luckily, his quick reflexes and calm mentality, allowed him to move out of the way before being fully engulfed.

If it were any one of us, we would’ve likely called it a day and headed home to mentally recover. But no, as calm as Aden jumped out of the fire’s path, he immediately went back to position to get the shot, once the flames had retreated. Nonetheless, we’re excited to see how the video turns out once released and hope everything else went smoothly and burn free!

If you’d like to see more of Aden’s work with fire, check out his behind the scenes video for ‘Riot’. In the video, there’s more close calls with flames as the team deal with molotov cocktails and flares. Expect his follow up single to release in the near future!

Take a look at Aden’s close call below: