Croatia’s Fresh Island Festival Evacuates Due to Fire

On July 15th, the first day of Croatia’s Fresh Island Festival experienced an unlikely event. A fire broke out late in the evening which caused attendees to panic and flee.

All performances were paused as police and experts went in to control the blaze. Fans were escorted from the premises and taken in shuttles to the nearest town.

The fire continued on for a few hours due to high winds. Because of the longevity of the fire, the main headliner Tyga was forced to cancel his performance.

However, one must applaud Fresh Island for its consistent updates to its fans. Their Facebook was continuously updated with thorough directions and updates on the situation.

Luckily, day 2 of the festival resumed along with accompanying events such as various boat and pool parties.

It’s not uncommon in the festival world to hear about instances that occur other than logistical issues and weather.

In 2017, Excision’s Lost Lands in Ohio was temporarily shut down after a decorative volcano at the main stage caught on fire. Also, back in 2016, the Basspod stage at EDC Las Vegas experienced its fire mishap. Professionals on-site at both events contained the fires and no attendees or workers experienced serious injuries.

We’re thankful to hear that no injuries were reported at Fresh Island. Experts are still exploring what caused the fire.