Gammer Ready To Quit Making Music?

There’s no doubt that Gammer has been an integral part of the happy hardcore and bass sound in the U.S. Recently, he released a happy hardcore smasher ‘This Is The End‘. He’s been making music for 16 years and traveling around the world delivering massive shows. However, an Instagram post led fans to believe that all of it could end soon.

gammer possibly quitting music

Last night, Gammer posted a cryptic story on his Instagram account. The story read “New song finished. Releases this month. I’m ready to quit making music“. I worried myself when I first read this post. Fans everywhere made their own speculations. Some thought perhaps he’s tired of music, others even brought up Gammer’s battles with mental health, as a reason to quit.

gammer not quitting

However, he updated fans today via another Instagram story. In this new story, he said “Relax, I’m not quitting music. I’m just kind of exhausted this year. The balance of dad life/touring/producing is a learning curve“. So rest assured, Gammer will not actually be quitting music, hopefully, any time soon. We know he has a massive collaboration with Showtek (down below) on the way and this song he finished last night. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for Gammer and we hope nothing but the best for him and his hectic life.

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