We live in a world where music festivals are cancelled left & right. With that being said, its a surprise that many of them even see the light of day to begin with. Today, we bring you news of one hopeful festival, who never even got their feet off the ground. The festival in question is none other than the Miami Beach Pop Festival. The festival was initially slated to take place November 8-10 in South Beach. It was the new festival from the founders of Okeechobee Music Festival, who split from Okee to start this new festival. It now evident that the Miami Beach Pop Festival has crashed & burned before it even took flight. If you look at the signs, this was a long time coming.

The MBPF had been in production for three years, with its original debut date set for 2018. To be precise, the festival was supposed to take place a week after ‘Art Basel. This is an international art fair that takes place annually in Miami Beach. A little research shows that Art Basel took pace last year from December 6-9, 2018. With that being said, the MBPF was originally supposed to take place from December, 14-16 2018. Despite this, the festival was postponed to the more recent dates of November 8-10, 2019.

Lineup & Postponement

The Miami Beach Pop Festival lineup included headliners like Chance The Rapper, Daddy Yankee, and Kygo. With such a star-studded roster, its a surprise that the festival struggled to get the ball rolling. Music festivals usually don’t get postponed, or cancelled this close to taking place. When they do, one of the main reasons this occurs is due to low ticket sales. At this moment, the organizers behind the event have not yet given a statement as to why the festival has been postponed, other than for ‘Unforeseen Circumstances’. It now seems as though their last ditch efforts to boost ticket sales, were futile. Now technically the festival is “postponed”, but who knows if it will ever actually take place at this point. If the festival was scheduled for January (a much better time), then Ultra radius clauses would limit the dance music part of the lineup. Many artists might just back out altogether.

Miami Beach Pop Festival & EDC Orlando

While MBPF never announced a reason for the “postponement” it doesn’t help that EDC Orlando is at the exact same time.

If you’re unfamiliar with EDC Orlando, just know, it’s kind of a big deal. So big in fact, that the Insomniac Events-headed festival expanded this year from two days, to a whopping three days. I don’t foresee ANY festival taking ticket sales away from EDC Orlando, much less being able to compete. In regards to the postponement, the festival put out the following statement.

Miami Beach Pop Festival Statement

Miami Beach Pop Festival has announced the postponement of the 2019 event, originally scheduled for November 8-10. Due…

Posted by Miami Beach Pop on Tuesday, October 8, 2019

For more information on Miami Beach Pop Festival‘s new dates, and refunds, be sure to check out their official website, here.