[Event Review] Lost Frequencies Presents Sophomore Album ‘Alive And Feeling Fine’ on Tour

Over the last few years, Felix De Laet (better known as Lost Frequencies) has been showing off his unique sound, and consequently building his fan base. After his successful debut album Less Is More released in 2016, the Belgian DJ and producer has been making waves in the music scene. He is now touring the United States after releasing his sophomore album Alive and Feeling Fine earlier this month.

This year the artist was placed high on DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJ list coming in at number 20. Although the list can be questionable at times, it shouldn’t stray from the fact that Lost Frequencies ranks at such a high position while being in the scene for such a short amount of time. With his California tour shows completely sold out, there is no doubt his popularity has grown.

We had the honor of seeing him at his stop in San Diego; as someone who has seen him a handful of times, Lost Frequencies definitely put his heart and soul into this intimate set and showed off his pure talents as an electronic artist. If you’re still on the fence on whether to go see him, maybe what we concluded from the show will sway your decision.

The Venue

Lost Frequencies performed at Music Box in San Diego, located in the heart of Downtown. In the past, he has played at various other venues such as the infamous Observatory in North Park. Honestly, if you ask any San Diego native, they’ll probably say Music Box is one of their favorite venues throughout the city. Music Box is narrow for a more private feel and has multiple floors for a comfortable setting. The stage is located on the first floor, with a small stage in the very back. There is another general admission viewing area and bar on the third floor, and VIP tables are reserved for the second story.


The opener for Lost Frequencies’ tour is Australian DJ Throttle. The 21-year old artist’s career is just getting started: he dropped his first EP Where U Are on Monstercat Records this month, which coincided perfectly with Lost Frequencies’ tour. Throttle’s set was the perfect opener, as he hyped the crowd up with his future house signature sound. Furthermore, Lost Frequencies brought some of his friends to collaborate on the live show, who helped him with vocals, instrumentals, and visuals.

Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies has a very unique way of capturing you in his music; he is known for his beautiful melodic melodies, and his set was the perfect medium of upbeat and deep house. His signature sound tugs on the right heart strings.

He made a grand entrance with his live intro edit of ‘Like I Love You’. The opening was nothing less than epic, and you could feel the stage’s energy radiate into the crowd. Later on, he performed the hit single that brought him to fame ‘Are You With Me’.

Probably my favorite moment was when he performed a drum and bass version of his song with Mokita, ‘Black and Blue’. This remake was totally out of his comfort zone, showing his talent to expand his music genres outside the house realm. He kept the crowd going with songs from his album and some fan favorites. The artist’s talent to combine live instruments with electronic beats is very unique, and in a way, reminds me a little bit of Avicii in that sense. Some are just born with an innate ability to produce a fresh musical sound that’s never been heard previously.

The artist’s music mixed with the venue intimacy made for one of my favorite shows to date. The ambiance inside Music Box was so blissful and united; you could see all the happy faces around you, including my own.

Thank you Lost Frequencies for blessing us with your music in San Diego. Hopefully we’ll see you back soon… CRSSD fest, perhaps? If you haven’t already, be sure to check out his new album ‘Alive And Feeling Fine‘ below.