deadmau5 Finally Unveils ‘Here’s The Drop’ Remix Album

Get your fix of orchestral remixes with deadmau5’s just-released ‘Here’s The Drop‘ album featuring a variety of artists. The remix album, which touches on 2018’s ‘Where’s The Drop?’, spans 15 tracks and is out on his own Mau5trap imprint today!

Tracks 1-5

‘Here’s The Drop’ kicks off with Morgan Page remixing ‘imaginary friends‘. Morgan opted for a plucky and pulled vibrant sound allowing the orchestral elements to remain underlying. From there, Tinlicker deliver a more spacious sound on ‘luxuria‘, combining their style while giving the original elements their own space. Right after, Gregory Reveret turns down the energy with a calming remix of ‘coelacanth‘. Specifically, the production focuses on an ambient energy infusing light percussive elements. Rinzen then strikes with his moody and percussive remix of ‘acedia‘ marking his second official deadmau5 remix. Trailing, Seismal D takes a deep tone on ‘avaritia‘ emphasizing filtering bass synths with delicate bubbling leads.

Tracks 6-10

Up next on ‘Here’s The Drop’ is Sian‘s delivery of a pulsating remix of ‘monophobia‘. Notably, it utilizes the orchestral parts significantly less than previous remixes as the producer focuses on his own sound. In continuation, Pig & Dan infuse their rhythmic techno sound with harmonious orchestral breaks. This provides a melancholic contrast on the production within their remix of ‘gula‘. Being one of the standout remixes, No Mana puts an exceptional spin on ‘invidia‘. The remix transitions phases through a warping glitchy cut pushing into an alluring scaling piano. Overall, the cuts warping the remix through the original and new elements provide a striking uniqueness. Siding by it, Mad Zach arranges a padded remix for ‘unjaded‘. Crunched pads, leads, a bottoming bass and minimal percussion show a progressive pulled sound. Following, Gallya spins break-beats with acidic-esque synths and a punchy percussion on ‘ira‘ topped by a succeeding lead.

Tracks 11-15

Going into the final 5 tracks, Spencer Brown‘s previously released remix of ‘fn pig‘ takes its turn. Moving from that, Mr. Bill stands out through his remix of the beloved ‘hr 8938 cephei‘. On it, the producer accentuates the contrasting eerie breakdowns and his prominent glitchy sections. Showcasing what might be a favorite on the record, Matt Lange gives us a remix of ‘superbia‘. If you’re not familiar, Matt commonly works around orchestral and live elements, so it comes as no surprise that he did an outstanding job as usual. The remix offers a magnetizing feeling with the compelling orchestral elements drawing us in as the percussive side provides movement. Onwards, Dom Kane puts an infectious and dancey spin on ‘caritas’ while maintaining orchestral euphoric breaks. Concluding ‘Here’s The Drop’ is none other than PEEKABOO a remix of ‘Strobe‘. The production clearly keeps the source material close to heart.

Final Words

It’s a pleasure to hear all these producers put their own take on an orchestral piece of music. Each remix allowed every individual’s style and sound to shine in its own way. ‘Here’s The Drop’ comes amidst deadmau5 touring his Cube v3, and you can find some of the remixers here on the road with him too. For more information on the tour, dates, and to get tickets, visit the link here.

Listen to deadmau5 ‘Here’s The Drop’, out via Mau5trap, below!