Cristoph Talks About Mental Health For Modern Wisdom

After the unexpected death of Tim Bergling, also known as Avicii, many artists have spoken out on issues surrounding mental health. Mental health awareness is growing and hopefully could be fought back with medical assistance. DJs from around the world have spoken about their personal struggles with mental health. Today, Cristoph has shared his views on the issue.

Avicii’s foundation is determined to help improve this matter that concerns a big part of the scene. Cristoph’s great testimony shows some of the most common problems of DJ life. Thanks to Modern Wisdom we are able to learn from a live character of the scene who can tell us about these problems first hand.

Luckily, people are getting aware of this huge issue that affects a big part of the population. In addition, the EDM scene is suffering many cases of mental health issues, including depression or sleeplessness amongst them.

Society, with actions like the one that Instagram tested, helps people realize the existence of this problem. Even Armin Van Buuren has spoken of suffering from similar issues. Please take some time and hear what Cristoph had to say about Mental health.