Armin van Buuren & Matluck – Don’t Let Me Go

Armin van Buuren has released another track from his highly anticipated upcoming album Balance. His 7th album is due out October 25th and should be one of the best this year. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ hits all the right feels as this hardstyle track will take you from holding your loved ones close to rocking the dance floor.

Beautiful piano notes greet us at the beginning of the song. Matluck’s vocals sync in and that’s when we know this song is going to be a goodie. “Darling don’t let me go” hits us right in the heart before the drop. Let go of those who you’re holding on to because it’s time to dance.

A smile comes to your face as the pace of the track picks up. We finally get the emphatic drop that has sent crowds into a frenzy this past summer.

This week Armin actually opened up about his mental state while on a Dutch talk show. He gave insights into the music industry most don’t know about. Maybe this track has a deeper meaning than its surface lyrics. Regardless, make sure to always hold onto those who matter most in life.

If you want to see ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ live you can check out Armin’s tour here! Stay tuned as he will be continuing to release more tracks from his upcoming album. Make sure to check out this one below!