Armin Van Buuren Hosting an Escape Room in Amsterdam

Armin van Buuren has announced his seventh album, ‘Balance‘. Along with the album, Armin has just announced he will be hosting an escape room. This is in the city of Amsterdam and titled Armin Van Buuren Presents ‘Balance’ Escape Room. However, it will only be available for 2 weeks starting October 16.

armin van buuren balance
Armin van Buuren – Balance

You may be wondering how this has any ties to the music scene Armin has taken over. Well first, Armin has always been a fan of escape rooms. Additionally, he explains that everybody wants to know the “secret formula” for success in the music industry. “The word on the street is that all answers are locked away in a high-security vault complex, hidden deep beneath the Beurs van Berlage in the city center of Amsterdam.” To sum up, this escape room will hold secrets that Armin has learned over the years in music. Anybody looking to learn the secrets while also solving a puzzle to escape should book a slot here.

Here is how the escape room works. “Together with a [4-6 person] team you handpicked yourself and the guidance of a fellow conspirator, you will have to talk your way into the building, slip into the secret facility and unlock the secret of ‘Balance’. Only then will you be able to find out what it takes to ensure success as an artist in the music industry today.” So far, this is sounding like a pretty fun experience for anyone to enjoy. You can book your trip to the escape room now right here.