With High Expectations, Imagine Festival Is Going All In

Imagine Festival 2019

Are you ready to find out – “What lies deep at the bottom of the ocean?” If you’ve been paying attention, by now, you’re probably well aware of the theme for this year’s Aquatic Fairytale. Certainly, the oceanic undertones fit well with Seven Lionstrack which floods the event with inspiration at every turn. Nevertheless, those of us heading to the Atlanta Motor Speedway this Thursday will have plenty to gush about. Especially, if Imagine Festival 2019 lives up to the high expectations. Seemingly, organizers know it’s a make a break year as updates of how they’re going all-in are beginning to spill over.

Drowning in Expectations.

The 2018 iteration of IMF definitely left most expectations in its choppy wake. As that year’s attendees rise back to the surface of reality, they are no doubt very quick to shower the event with its praises. To illustrate, this author highlights the event’s efforts to step up its production game while increasing its vendor offerings too. So, it’s understandable why fans have such high hopes. Let us not forget how the organizers somehow doubled the event’s daily attendance in a few years to 30,000+. As they inch ever closer to Ultra and Tomorrowland territory, they can no longer be thought of as just a big fish in a small pond.

Obviously, Famehouse and the rest of the team knows how to make a party bubble up. From this, some estimates suggest a tsunamic surge to nearly 40,000 raging kids over each of the now four days of the party. If they get us all back from the deep without sinking the ship, it will definitely make a huge splash for IMF. Certainly, that’s a sentiment not lost on the event organizers. To illustrate this, The Questionable Behavior dives into an interview with founders Glenn & Maddy Goodhand. Expectations likely got pretty soggy following financial losses in the first year but they didn’t drown. Watch and listen to them express how much attention to detail goes into the event year after year.

The IMF 2019 Itinerary

Expectations immediately swell massively once the lineup announcements begin trickling their way down from various outlets. Diplo, Rezz, Above & Beyond, KSHMR, Marshmello, and Seven Lions are just a drop in the huge ocean of talent set to wash up on the Georgia shores this week. Surely, that’s been on the minds of most attendees for months now. Thus, as we power through this last week before the party, it’s a perfect time to immerse oneself in the plethora of exciting details the IMF team is sprinkling on us. First up: set times! Check out the full set schedule and set-time/stage grid below.

Expectations are no match for Imagine Music Festival when they continue to roll out insane lineups like these.
Use the set schedule along with the set grids to set sail on an epic IMF 2019 undersea excursion.

Additionally, the 2019 festival map is ready to go. These tools should be all you need to cruise through the weekend like an EDM Viking. Furthermore, it should help you maximize the weekend as you begin planning out your various excursions and dining exploits. Based on these updates, there should be much more of that to get into compared to last year. Options including yoga workshops, circus/art installations, VIP table services, and the infamous splash pool will definitely keep you busy. Plus for the first time, campers can enjoy a free pool party on Saturday from 1-4. Indeed, with expectations of temperatures in the low 80’s rising to the low 90’s it’ll be the perfect spot to beat that ATL heat.

In summation, we’re just days away from another fun-soaked weekend at Imagine Festival. As in years past, it’s shaping up to be an epic event. It will be fascinating to see how they can live up to this year’s expectations. More than anything, it’ll be amazing to rage out one last time before summer officially ends. So, as the last tides of summer roll along those Georgia beaches, all we can do is anxiously wait- and listen to the Ocean.