Spotify Plug-In “Obscurify” Will Compare Music Tastes

All of us like to think we listen to the most underground music there is. We hunt for new music on various platforms to discover the newest and best sounds out there. Thanks to the brand new Spotify plug-in, Obscurify, we can finally compare our music selection to others.

Obscurify gathers your Spotify information (such as artists and genres you listen to) and compares it to aggregated data within your country. It then pops out all types of statistics that will either flatter you or make you feel basic. I set my account up and well… I got a 14%. Ultimately, I am basic AF when compared to others in the U.S. I denied it at first, but the data doesn’t lie.

It will also tell you your Top Genres (which to no surprise for me, are all in the EDM realm). Another cool feature of the plug-on is the moods that best identify with your tastes. It breaks down the Happiness, Energy, Danceability and Acousticness.

Beyond ratings, it breaks down your Top 50 artists and tracks. It does this for both current and all-time. It assigns a star to each track and if you see it labeled 5-stars, then you vibing to the mainstream. 1-star and your ears are prime for the underground.

If you are one to gloat about all the new artists you are finding this is the perfect chance to put it to the test. See if you truly do listen to obscure music or if you are just like everyone else. Try out Obscurify by clicking here!