Spotify Now Integrating with Snapchat to Share Music and Podcasts On Stories

Have you ever wanted to share a track from Spotify directly to Snapchat? Instagram used to be your only option, but as of last week Facebook joined, and as of today, Snapchat too. So, Spotify has some big news. They are announcing new integration features with Snapchat. Fresh out of the Spotify Newsroom, Snapchat is now one of many applications that Spotify users can share to. Other applications include: WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram Stories, and as of just last week, Facebook Stories.


With rivals such as Amazon Music and Apple Music, Spotify’s integration with Snapchat comes at an interesting time. While comparing Prime and Alexa, and Apple Music on Apple devices, Spotify doesn’t have the same hardware to integrate with as its competitors. 

All in all, while Snapchat grew 8 million users in Q2 of 2019, this is shy of the 8.5 million users in growth that was estimated. However, overall, Snapchat is still at a whopping 109 million daily users. The new integration features should not only help Snapchat, but also help grow the Spotify user base.

Snapchat ‘Snapstreaks’ Limiting Bill


Earlier this summer, I covered a new bill that was introduced to reduce ‘Snapstreaks’ and limit other social media usage. The bill is titled the Social Media and Reduction Act and is addressing a variety of social media platforms. U.S. Senator Josh Hawley wants all social media platforms to include “natural stopping points”. By doing so, he is hoping to make users less inclined to stay connected and stop scrolling. Additionally, Hawley even wants social media companies to make it easier for users to track their usage. If this goes into effect, it could impact Snapchat and its users greatly.

Snapchat isn’t the only recent integration update for Spotify. Last week, Spotify also announced its integration with Facebook Stories. This feature will help artists share their albums, playlists, podcasts, and more on Facebook Stories. The new feature is rolling out a more powerful way to connect with fans including 15-second song previews. Stay tuned to see what new integration Spotify has in store for the future!