Seth Hills releases new song ‘Rebound’ on STMPD records

Seth Hills Rebound

Seth Hills – Rebound

DJ/Producer Seth Hills, one of house’s new predilect sons released his new song ‘Rebound’ today. The track came out on Dutch DJ/producer Martin Garrix’s label, STMPD records.

Ever since coming into the scene’s spotlight in 2016, Hills quickly became a fan favorite DJ. After releasing ‘Fire’ with Dutch duo Magnificence on one of the biggest labels, Axtone, Hills earned praise and attention from many DJs in the scene. The boss himself, Axwell played his track in some of his biggest sets, Tomorrowland included. Sebastian Ingrosso is another DJ that can be caught dropping some of Hills’ best tracks.

Seth Hills is one of house's most prominent DJs right now

Hills’ new track, is a classic song from the DJ, who comes straight from the Netherlands to cause a big impact on the house industry. ‘Rebound’ is a song filled by a strong melody and hard vocal cuts. Then, it comes with a drop that unleashes full energy on the dancefloor. Without a doubt, Hill provides us once again with a new house anthem. ‘Rebound’ will become a DJ favorite to ignite the crowd when playing a house set.

Seth Hills – Rebound | Download