MusicWatch: 77% of US Internet Users Now Stream Music

MusicWatch shared their audiocensus for Q2 2019 with Billboard in advance. According to them, more than three-fourths of the US population accessing the internet who are over the age of 13 now stream music. This is a 14% increase from the same time last year.

Of the 183 million streaming music, it’s estimated that 125 million are accessing paid music streaming subscription services. However, only 68 million of those streamers are personally paying for the service. YouTube is the most popular streaming service according to the data, leading at 30% of weekly listens. Then follows Spotify at 24%, and Pandora at 17%. What’s interesting is that MusicWatch found Spotify listeners to spend more time on the platform. That in return drives its higher share of listener-ship. As for paid services, Spotify Premium makes up 39% of weekly listening. Apple and Amazon followed behind with 17% each.

With all these major increases within a year, MusicWatch states that there’s still plenty of room to grow, especially in terms of paid subscribers. All of this data is incredible when put into perspective. Just three years ago, streaming and radio were neck to neck. Now, the former takes a comfortable lead according to metrics.