Eric Prydz Announces PRYDA 15 Vol III Release Date

If you’re an Eric Prydz fan, and you live in New York City, I’m sure you’ve been pretty happy as of late. For the rest of us states-side, who aren’t living on the East Coast, things haven’t been as great. Between his show at the Brooklyn Mirage, his numerous sets at Electric Zoo, his NYC Holo show, and his upcoming show at the Wynwood Factory, we have more than enough reasons to be envious of our East Coast compatriots.

From the looks of things, our luck is finally starting to turn around. West coast Prydateers, and those around the world have reason to celebrate. This is because the legend Eric Prydz tweeted out a bit of news about the upcoming ‘PRYDA 15 VOL III‘. You see the original plan was for the 3 EPs to be released in June, July, and August. In typical Eric fashion, we got June, August, and September. Finally we leaned that ‘PRYDA 15 VOL III‘ is being slated for release on October 4th, 2019. In his recent tweet, Eric Prydz had this to say about ‘PRYDA 15 VOL III:

“Very sorry for the delay, this release means a lot to me – I wanted to make it perfect and had to be back in my studio for that to happen. I hope you enjoy.”


While we don’t know the tracklist or even the number of tracks, fans are ecstatic about one teaser. The announcement was accompanied by a track known as Terminal 5 ID, and is known as one of the Prydz’ community’s favorite and most demanded ID tracks. Now after many years it will finally be released on Vol III, however we have no idea what the real name will be. What else could be on it?

While no new shows have been announced for the west coast, we can only hope that the release of new music will be accompanied by live shows. If not, at least we’re getting some new music. Be sure to check out the original tweet below, enjoy.