Disneyland Paris Visitor on LSD Found Naked After 130-Person Search

A Swiss man went a bit too far while visiting Disneyland Paris last week. According to reports, it took the entire weekend to find the man after he went missing Friday night. Drugs did play a part, as the man’s girlfriend told police she gave him LSD before the incident. Since the park’s attractions and rides weren’t stimulating enough for the man, he turned to LSD which, in this circumstance, could’ve cost him his life.

Friday night, the 32-year-old was reported missing. His girlfriend stated that she saw him fall into Adventureland Lake. She told officials he didn’t resurface and likely feared he may have drowned. Park officials immediately formed a 130-person search/rescue party. This fully loaded group included 10 policeman, 30 firefighters, 10 divers, a police helicopter, and 80 Disney park employees. Surprisingly, this mission went down without alerting or disturbing the remaining Disneyland Park visitors.

Final reports conclude the man was found around a mile away from the theme park, completely naked. It’s unclear how he was able to make it that far but it’s a miracle he didn’t drown or severely injure himself. The driver who ran into the lost man on the side of the road, was kind enough to give him clothes and drive him back to the park.

Overall, the man only suffered minor scratches on his arms and legs. He also can’t remember any detail of what occurred that weekend at Disneyland Paris. Consequently, both his girlfriend and himself were detained by police due to narcotics use. The Le Parisien reports they were eventually released by police.

Be careful out there, people.