Depression, headaches, low energy, a looming sense of reality–these are some side effects we feel after a hard night of MDMA. That crushing existential crisis can actually be avoided if you take clinical MDMA in the right dosage. A recent finding from an Addictions Psychiatrist tells all here.

Dr. Ben Sessa resides in Bristol, and is an MDMA psychotherapist and psychedelic researcher. He studied the lingering comedowns of clinical MDMA and found surprising results.

A regular comedown leaves you aching for more serotonin, sleep, exercise and more drugs. However, clinical MDMA leaves no mood drop. Instead, you glow. That’s right–no more Suicide Tuesdays or crying on the car ride home. Here’s his tweet to confirm:

Yes, the ever long theory of taking vitamin C, magnesium, and whatever other supplements may help. But why not save that cash and use it towards a better dose and quality of pill? You’ll never truly know what comes in a pressed one, and while it’s easier to obtain you’ll lose sleep no matter what.

According to Dr. Sessa, here is some of his dosing advice:

This is definitely not to encourage drug taking more. I think this is simply letting everyone know how to take drugs safely and properly. By all means, have a great time out there. Watch out for each other and continue to almost remember the nights you were dancing your face off. Let’s just all remember that the higher you are (literally), the harder you may fall the next day. Your favorite post rave meal would be a lot better when you can actually eat it, right?

More of his clinical MDMA trial results will be revealed in later studies. Stay tuned with us as we learn more. Until then, eat, sleep, rave safe, and repeat. Salud!