Ben Gold – The City Sleeps Tonight

How anyone can sleep tonight baffles us, because Ben Gold‘s latest release ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’ has that much energy. Out now on Armada Music, the track is already on its way to becoming a trance classic after its radio debut on Armin van Buuren‘s ASOT 930 yesterday.

Right from the start, it’s laced with driving energy and rushing synth arpeggios that anchor the powerful vocal line. Interchanging between the more classic style of euphoric trance and Gold’s signature harder trance sound amidst huge hands-in-the-air drops, ‘The City Sleeps Tonight’ is guaranteed to keep crowds ecstatic.

As if a single isn’t enough, Gold also released an official music video for the song featuring the beautiful up-and-coming actress Olivia Harriet alongside a plethora of city hyperlapses. The final result is a trippy yet dream visual anthem basically made for trance.

‘There’s never two without three,’ and the UK trance legend has also dropped an exclusive teaser of his upcoming album ‘Sound Advice: Chapter 2′ along with a pre-save link.