Armin van Buuren’s Untold Festival Set Ranks #1 On Facebook Live Video

If you thought that Armin van Buuren‘s DJ Set from Untold Festival had already broken all the records it can break, you’re probably mistaken. The ASOT boss just ranked number one among Facebook live videos with his marathon DJ set during the Romanian festival.

This happened on the Billboard chart that looks into Facebook videos posted by musicians. The chart ranks videos based on their reach, number of interactions, number of views and other key indicators.

Armin had played a 7+ hour set during Untold’s fifth anniversary in August of this year. The video was broadcasted live on Facebook and got split into two videos later. The first one is around 5 hours long; the second one is a little more than 2 hours. It is the longest video that made it to the top of the ranking, while the second one sat at number 9.

The DJ/producer’s five-hour video reaches No. 1 as the overall leader in two of four chart metrics: comments (30,000) and shares (7,000), according to Shareablee. The video was also reacted to 22,000 times and was watched 535,000 times in its first seven days.


This kind of performance at Untold is becoming a tradition for the 42-year-old DJ. He previously played 5 hours set in 2017 and almost 7 hours in 2018. However, this is not only an Untold-specific tradition – it’s also a love that Armin has for marathon sets. The best example is his 9h30 performance during his first “Armin Only” event in 2005. This was followed up by similar extended acts in his “Armin Only” tour. They were all between 5 and 9 hours.

Will we see another marathon act in the future? Will it be at Untold again? And will Armin break his own record? Only the upcoming years will tell us. In the meantime, you can watch this year’s full set here.