Andrew Bayer Releases ‘Bottle Top Trance’ From Parallels EP

On September 20th Andrew Bayer released ‘Bottle Top Trance’, the second release from his new EP, Parallels. This track follows the release of ‘True Feelin’ (which you can read more about here). 

‘Bottle Top Trance’ starts with a sound that emanates tapping on bottle tops, hence explaining the track name. This original sound continues for the first 45 seconds, until a more expected trance beat picks up. The bottle top sound is reintroduced and continues until the track slows down at the 2:00 mark. This slow melody plays until the track completely changes and club beats take over for the remainder of the song.

This song might seem to be all over the place, but it’s right in line with Bayers’ goals for Parallels. Bayer states:

“’Parallels’ is a new project for me and a return to analog club sounds aimed squarely at the dance floor….The latest result is ‘Parallels,’ an EP of instrumental club experiments designed to exist side-by-side with my continuing passion for long players”.

When looking over comments about ‘Bottle Top Trance’, most people seem to initially dislike the track. But we noticed while scrolling through the reviews that a large number of people came back and replied to their original posts. Their reply stated that after a few more listens, their original opinion had changed. It seems like listeners are initially off-put by the experimental sounds, but after the track has some time to soak in they suddenly understand Bayer’s reasoning behind ‘Bottle Top Trance’.

Andrew Bayers’ Parallels tour is in full swing. It kicked on August 16th in Atlantic City. The tour goes through the end of the year, so check out the schedule below to find a tour date near you.

Andrew Bayer- ‘Bottle Top Trance’