[Watch] The Official Tomorrowland Belgium 2019 Aftermovie Is Out Now

For all the People of Tomorrow that went to Tomorrowland Belgium, out now is the aftermovie. Even if you didn’t go, you can relive the beautiful moments and someday call them your own.

The festival would like to thank those that attended for writing a chapter in one of the greatest stories ever told. You are officially in The Book of Wisdom. It’s been fifteen wonderful years of music, dance, and creating musical stories. Many decades lie ahead of us.

Let these stories be your guide as they inspire you and expand your reality. As each new scene cuts and transitions with music, let chills run down your spine. Have your emotions soar through you. If you experience FOMO, don’t fret. This should inspire you to find your tribe and make one of these years yours.

This event is on my bucket list of music festivals to attend. The production and Tim Bergling book showcase just how much music connects us. Each year, new and returning artists play and leave attendees waiting for the next one.

Here is the track list so you can save these beautiful moments forever.

Enjoy the 2019 Official Aftermovie below. See you next year!