Spotify Leads Podcast Movement, Teases ‘Create Podcast’ Button

Podcasting has been rapidly gaining popularity over the last year. Because of this, you can usually find just about any topic on a podcast, whether it be about music, work, or even gossip regarding your favorite reality television show. With all this demand and interest, streaming services are starting to take notice, Spotify in particular.

Spotify teams up with two podcasting companies to become an innovative leader in the market

Earlier this year, Spotify closed out a deal with both Gimlet Media and Anchor. Gimlet Media handles content production, whereas Anchor deals with the audio output. According to Spotify CEO, Daniel Ek, the inclusion of both companies are needed to accelerate the streaming platform as a force in the podcasting market. In particular, Spotify has been working with Anchor to create an app where you can record and share a podcast with a click of a button.

They are further testing that idea with a new “create podcast” button on the Spotify streaming service. User Jane Wong dug and discovered the button; although, it only seems to be available in Brazil. There has been no talk about officially launching this new action on Spotify, so stay tuned to see if this “testing” period gets approved.

Nonetheless, Spotify has been killing the game as a music streaming platform, and now they have their eyes set at a much bigger prize. Daniel Ek has made it clear he wants to put “audio first”. He knows that profit is not just singled out into music, but that technology is growing and the audience is demanding other services.

That being said, the U.S. alone is projected to increase its podcast advertising revenue up to $659 million by next year; in other words, there’s a lot of opportunities. We’ll see what the next big power move is from this growing and innovative company.