Do you love Spotify, but aren’t ready to commit to a Spotify Premium membership yet? The good news is Spotify has increased its free trial period from 30 to 90 days.

The new elongated trial offering went into effect August 22nd and is available for individual and student plans. Spotify says they plan to extend the trials for duo and family plans in the future.

Those planning on getting in on the new trail periods will need a new email that hasn’t been used for Spotify Premium previously.

AT&T users that have AT&T Unlimited &More are already in luck. Earlier this month it was announced that users could select Spotify premium as one of their entertainment options.

While the longer trial might keep Spotify users around longer, its not guaranteed to bring Spotify more revenue. Spotify’s financial report for 2019’s second quarter showed the company’s average revenue per user sitting at $5.40.

The shift to a 90-day trial period for Spotify puts other streaming services int the discussions of trying to compete. Tidal, Amazon and Youtube Music only offer a 30-day free trail at the current time. Apple Music may now feel the pressure to maintain its current free 90-day trial.

Whether you’re an avid Spotify Premium user or just cashing in on the new 90-day free trial, check out EDMTunes Spotify playlist for new music weekly.