Samsung Galaxy Fold Pre-Registration Is Now Live in China

After the initial Galaxy Fold blunder, it looks like Samsung is almost ready to launch the newer version that won’t have any hardware issues. After people received the foldable smartphone a few months back, it was made public that there were issues with the display. While some screens did not work after a few days, others reported that there were hardware bugs. The bottom line is that this shouldn’t happen when consumers are shelling out $2000 for a phone.

Thankfully, the tech giant seems to have made adequate upgrades to the Fold in an announcement last month. Set to launch in September, the Fold will feature reinforcements to the display’s protective layer. The top and bottom of the screen hinges come with additional protection caps. Besides fixing the hardware issues, Samsung has taken these past few months to improve the user experience. They’ve been working hard on the drawing board to optimize more apps for the phone’s foldable UX.

While there is no set launch date, the pre-registration is now live in China. With September around the corner, the registration should open up shortly for the rest of the world. Hopefully, North America will be up next, although Samsung may skip the pre-registration process altogether and let customers pre-order it directly. 

Stay tuned to EDMTunes as further updates are made available.