Observation Wheel Going Up Near Ultra Miami in Time for 2020

Bayside Marketplace will soon offer a brand new attraction to the city of Miami. SkyViews America is building a 176-foot tall observation wheel. Their goal is to have it done by the time the Super Bowl rolls in, February 2nd, 2020. Miami’s Planning and Zoning Board approved the construction of the observation wheel on July 31, 2019. “It will be a good way to get a panoramic view of what downtown has to offer,” said Seth Gordon, a business consultant for Bayside. Of course, this is right near Ultra Miami’s home, Bayside Park.

Unlike a ferris wheel, the observation wheel will consist of enclosed capsules which can hold 8 people at a time with room to walk around. In addition, an observation wheel usually rotates slower than a ferris wheel. This ride is a part of an overhaul and expansion of the marketplace. Part of the expansion includes the controversial SkyRise Miami. SkyRise Miami is going to be a 1,000 foot entertainment center.

The observation wheel will consist of 42 enclosed capsules, each holding 8 passengers. The ride will be 12-15 minutes in total, and it will be controlled by a “trained operator”. The developers say they’re confident that they can get the wheel done by February. After all, they have had a bunch of pieces in storage in Miami for a while now. It’s like a bike, there’s a bunch of pieces, it just needs to be put together. We can’t wait to see what this “ferris wheel on steroids” will be like.