Above & Beyond Releases Single ‘Anjunafamily’

Above & Beyond Anjunafamily

Above & Beyond – Anjunafamily

Above & Beyond released their new single ‘Anjunafamily’ almost one year after it’s original debut at ABGT300 on September 29th, 2018. The song does not contain any lyrics and allows the melody to speak for itself. The decision to not include any vocals on the track allows all members of the Anjunafamily, no matter what language someone speaks, to enjoy the music and interpret the song in their own manner. This inclusive track maintains a high energy beat which seems to represent the energy and love the ‘Anjunafamily‘ possesses. The energy at the end of the song tapers off which seems to send listeners out into the world with a positive attitude to pass onto others. 

To keep the family in touch, Above & Beyond hosts a weekly radio show every Friday. The radio show first began in 2004 as Trance Around The World and later became Group Therapy in 2012. Group Therapy has been a great way to unite the anjunafamily not only online, but also in person. So it was fitting that Above & Beyond premiered the track ‘Anjunafamily’ at ABGT300 while fans were gathered together as one family either through online streaming or together in Hong Kong.

Above & Beyond – Anjunafamily

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