Moon Boots – Clear (ft. Nic Hanson)

Moon Boots Clear

Moon Boots – Clear (ft. Nic Hanson)

Moon Boots continues his path down the upcoming Bimini Road album with releasing ‘Clear‘ featuring Nic Hanson on Anjunadeep. As the album gears up for its release on September 6, the producer already unveiled two tracks earlier. First up, we received ‘Tied Up‘ featuring Steven Klavier which was followed by ‘Juanita‘ hosting Kaleena Zanders. In regards to ‘Clear’, Pete of Moon Boots relayed the story on his decision to work with Nic;

“When Nic and I started working on ‘Keep The Faith’, he was still a student at NYU, but mature beyond his years. Nic’s always been passionate about music from all over the world and fearless to try anything. We wanted to make our next collaboration something different for both of us; it was Nic’s idea to make ‘Clear’ a UK Garage song and we ran with it. I’m just a fan of Nic and I’m excited to watch him grow as a person and an artist.”

‘Clear’ brings to the table a rather silky texture on the production, bedding the aqueous vocals brought forward by Nic Hanson. Past that point, the chiming synths give a different melodic dynamic to the already inspired track. Separate from delving into the production itself, the artwork continues to present an expressive look into the landscape of the album’s sound. On Hanson’s front, the vocalist noted how working on this track and its video “felt like the best possible way the creative process can go down.”

With ‘Bimini Road’ on the horizon, Moon Boots is preparing to go on tour bringing together the 7-piece band. Whether you want to buy tickets, listen to more tracks off the album or pre-order it, look here.

Listen to Moon Boots’ ‘Clear’ featuring Nic Hanson taken from ‘Bimini Road’ on Anjunadeep below!

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