Marshmello Receives Plaque for 5M Copies of ‘Happier’

Marshmello‘s single with Bastille quickly rose in popularity when it was released in 2018. “Happier” currently has close to 900 million streams on Spotify and it’s creeping up to 1 billion. Currently, 150 streams of a song equate to one purchase of the song to count purchase counts. Actual purchases could also account for a significant part of the 5 million marks as well.

Marshmello received the plaque commemorating sales of 5,000,000 copies of the track at Capitol Music Group’s annual Capitol Congress in Los Angeles. Additionally, it states on the plaque that “Happier” is RIAA 5x Platinum and #1 top 40 for alternative and dance radio. Last but not least, it sold 15 million copies worldwide.

The upbeat melody paired with the sad lyrics conveys the hard struggle of letting go of someone you love for them to find happiness.

Marshmello has had an eye for talent and successful collaboration. His other collaborations with Khalid, Logic, Lil Peep and more have all found success and popularity with listeners.

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