Flume Kicks Off Open Source FlumeSounds Project


Australian #1 bad boy of EDM Flume made a surprise project announcement FlumeSounds yesterday. He uploaded a near 8-minute video of samples to all his socials for fans and creators to manipulate.

“A more open source culture of creativity…wanted to put these out in the world and see what comes back – download a sound, create something, upload to YouTube or social media with the hashtag #flumesounds

Harley Streten

The video features 12 wildly unique but definitely Flume-created samples. A fluorescent strobe video takes you through various sounds Harley has created, at a range of BPM. For fans who heard his iconic Hi This Is Flume mixtape, these samples sound very similar to the experimental tracks. While he made these FlumeSounds available for free, he requests that no one use them commercially or monetize them on a streaming service.

Fans have already begun creating. The hashtag has 125 creations on Instagram already, dozens on Twitter, and a thread on r/Flume on Reddit. It is amazing how some samples sound exactly like Flume and others have taken them in a completely different direction. This is an excellent way for Harley to interact and get feedback from fans, beyond his fairly active interactions on Reddit as /u/humblebuzz.