Area 51 Raid Becomes Fully Fledged Music Festival

Just when you thought that the Storm Area 51 viral idea couldn’t get more out of this world, the founders took it one step further! After Facebook chose to take the event down due to safety reasons, the creators of the event transformed the idea into something that most would enjoy!

On September 20, 2019, to September 22, 2019, alien and music enthusiasts will come together to experience a real deal music festival in Rachel, Nevada. Christened Alienstock, the event will be completely free for the public and promises to bring “huge names” and art installations to the 50 person population of Rachel.

Unfortunately, the acts can’t be announced at the time of writing due to radius clauses, however, we look forward to seeing who the organizers have in store! To make things even more interesting, the first-ever festival will be a camping event approximately 2 hours outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Although the now highly anticipated music festival is free, the organizers have asked for donations in order to cover the basic costs such as water, food, security/emergency services, etc.

This is a but a mere request to ensure that all attendees can live the best possible music festival experience. With the promise of surprise performances, we believe it will be worth every penny! If you’re interested in attending, check out the Facebook and website pages for additional details.