Apple Music’s “Best of The Week Playlist” Rebranded as “New Music Daily”

There have been a lot of changes recently at Apple Music and this rebrand is consistent with them. For instance, The A-List: Alternative has been reborn as ALT CTRL. Also, the introduction of the newly minted Shazam Discovery Top 50 Chart. The Best of the Week playlist formerly featured the top hits from the heavy hitters on the platform. It is rebranded as New Music Daily, will be highly editorialized and feature tracks from across all genres. There are 3 Taylor Swift songs featured on the list, which coincides with her album launch. However, we won’t have to wait long before we see what Apple’s editorial team wants us to check out next.

“Think of it like the playlist that never sleeps, updated every day with new music you simply can’t miss. When the most important artists—from across the world and across genres—have something new to drop, this will be the place to find it first.”

An excerpt from the description on the splash page.

Regarded as one of the two major players in the streaming business, Apple Music is strategizing new ways to lure users away from it’s largest competitor, Spotify. This move from Apple is designed to be a more curated approach. Spotify has had algorithmic playlists that function similarly like “Your Daily Drive” which serves up music, news, and podcasts for your commute,. A welcomed change, as Spotify consistently ranks higher than Apple Music in comparisons for music discovery tools.