Apple Music Introduces Shazam Discovery Top 50 Chart

Need help finding new, up and coming artist before everyone else? Well, you’re in luck as Apple Music and Shazam have created a new trending chart called ‘Shazam Discovery Top 50’. Back in 2018, Apple bought Shazam for a hefty $400 million. Now, Apple is finally integrating the service into Apple Music. Subscribers can now access the Shazam powered chart to view the top 50 trending songs in the US and 10 other countries. It’s reported that the Top 50 chart will update every Tuesday, featuring a new ranking.

“The ranked songs are all at different points in their individual lifecycle and the majority of artists represented are emerging and up-and-coming.” 

Now, how exactly can Apple Music and Shazam calculate trending artists? Apple Music told Variety that it will use “Shazam’s proprietary algorithms to offer a unique predictive view on rising artists and reacting tracks to Apple Music subscribers.” Basically, Shazam can tell which artists are receiving a high number of ‘Shazams’ and determine whether they are trending. Having the ability to use real data from actual users will likely allow smaller artists to be recognized.

At the moment, the chart will use data from the US and 10 other countries. This includes Australia, Brazil, France, Italy, Canada, U.K., Russia, Mexico, Spain, and Germany. More countries will likely be added in the near future as updates roll out. Nonetheless, this feature will be perfect if you want to find music that’s less mainstream or more ‘diverse’. Additionally, it’s great to see emerging artists have more opportunities to be heard and recognized by the world.