Alleged Foxconn Employee Leaks iPhone 11 Specs

iphone 11 specs

It seems as if a hundred new smartphones are set to be released before the end of 2019 but which one is worth upgrading to? Many of us like to stand loyal to our favorite brands but what if our competitors reveal something better? Apple‘s next generation of iPhones are just about a month away and we’ve seen our share of leaks. Everything from the exterior camera design to the battery sizes have been rumored this past year.

As September approaches, the theories and rumors we’ve been reading may be confirmed. An alleged Foxconn worker has apparently leaked specific information on the new iPhones, confirming many theories already presented. His letter was posted on the Chinese website Zhihu July 30th but there’s not any information on the man himself. We can’t confirm the validity in the writer’s information but it may turn out being accurate.

To begin, the alleged worker claims Apple will indeed have a triple camera setup on the rear of the device. Also on the rear, the ‘iPhone’ branding will be removed, though not a huge deal… What’s more interesting is that he claims the color of the phones will have a matte finish. Apple usually sticks to a metallic, shiny appearance but they may be ready for a change. In terms of battery, he claims the XS Max model will have a large 3,969 mAh capacity.

Lastly in his note, he states the overall design of the iPhone will be the same. The notch, lightning port and dimensions will all remain the same as last years’ models. 3D Touch is rumored to be dropped this year but it’s not the major design change many of us hoped for. While there are several specific leaks touched on here, there doesn’t look to be any major improvements to look forward to. We’ll just have to wait until Apple does something drastic like removing front notch!

Expect the iPhone 11 to launch Tuesday, September 10, 2019.