Dirty South Hops On This Never Happened With ‘Little Devious’

Dirty South Little Devious

Dirty South – Little Devious EP

Dirty South continues to mold and shape his sound reaching his Little Deviou‘ EP release on Lane 8‘s This Never Happened. The body of work consisting of four tracks hosts;

1- Little Devious
2- Space Between Us
3- Saint Brute
4- Plectar

Upon release, Lane 8 took to Twitter celebrating hosting Dirty South’s music on his record label.

Dirty South launches the EP with the title track ‘Little Devious’ quickly introducing us to the melodic vibrant mood. The production style sits eloquently among This Never Happened’s releases. The lead pluck carrying through the track is made through utilizing Moog‘s Mother 32. In a behind the scenes curtain unveil, the label’s social media posted;

Toning things down a notch, ‘Space Between Us’ offers a rather opposing dynamic to the opening. This track takes a more mellow tone leaning on darker and deeper sounds. Nonetheless, it maintains a melodic essence alongside the brooding feeling. Ending, ‘Saint Brute’ takes over with its brute-sounding resonant lead pluck driving the track. Finally, as the track subsides, ‘Plectar’ closes out the EP on a variant note. It distinguishes itself within the EP by allowing the quieter melodic tones to gain prominence.

Listen to Dirty South’s ‘Little Devious’ EP on Lane 8’s This Never Happened below! You can find the producer’s website here and his performance dates here.