Rezz – Beyond the Senses

Rezz Beyond The Senses

Rezz is one of the brightest names to come out of Mau5trap. Her much anticipated new EP called ‘Beyond The Scenes‘ is out today. Like her inspiration Deadmau5, she too possesses the experimental signature style that is very individual to her. Having established a wide fan following in the past 5 year, the Canadian is making some massive ripples in the Low beat, Electro sound industry. Her fans affectionately call her Space Mom and her new EP very well shows us why.

The EP’s first track is pure Rezz. ‘Dark Age‘ shows how far she has come from her initial works. The third tune is what we found as a typical Rezz Banger with a heavy and galloping bassline and a sudden trough of a drop. Needless to say, how excited we were after hearing the EP was dropping this week, and in virtual reality. We could hardly wait for it after tripping out on the video. The other tracks are more than worth a headbang session and we highly recommend them. Catch the Space Queen in tour this fall and listen to the EP below and let us know your thoughts.

Rezz – Beyond the Scenes

Rezz Beyond the senses