Best Sets Series: deadmau5

In any artists’ dedicated fan group, you’ll come across a discussion about their best performances. We decided we would do the same thing here at EDMTunes and give you the Best Sets for a range of DJs and producers. This series will highlight each artists’ best and most memorable live performances. The ones that really make their career and the ones any fan should know about.

With an established moniker spanning a decade, deadmau5 had many moments of significance throughout his career. Joel Zimmerman‘s music and live shows shaped and inspired much of electronic music’s climate today. With that in mind, let’s go down the mouse burrow with his best sets and moments.

Meowingtons Hax Toronto 2011

Deadmau5 took the stage in his home town of Toronto to perform with the refined version of his Cube. In addition to playing some of his most revered tracks, SOFI showed up. As a result, we got to hear a full performance of ‘SOFI Needs A Ladder‘ followed by ‘One Trick Pony‘.

Deadmau5 X Nokia Lumia London

In co-operation between Nokia, Joel had a London tower litten up with visuals. A highlight recording surfaced on YouTube showcasing ‘FML‘, ‘Professional Griefers‘, ‘Moar Ghosts N Stuff‘ and ‘Bad Selection‘.

EDC Las Vegas 2019

Soon after debuting The Cube v3 at Ultra, the Mau5trap owner took to EDC Las Vegas without his creation. His time on stage started with a Testpilot leaning sound which transferred to some fan favorites. The artist proves yet again that he can keep fans tuned in for his work.

deadmau5 Trolls Martin Garrix at Ultra 2014

Around the peak when Martin Garrix‘s ‘Animals‘ went viral, deadmau5 played it as an ‘Old Macdonald‘ flip. This happened to the surprise of many at Ultra, with many expecting the original or confused that he played it. The clip reigns atop numerous trolls by Joel and will always be a fun remnant.

Deadmau5 B2B Testpilot

Colliding two worlds, Zimmerman performed a two hour mix for BBC Radio One’s Essential mix series. Listening to the first hour, Testpilot original sound punches through which contrasts the Deadmau5 mix taking over the second. Don’t forget that you can hear ‘A Seed’, ‘Midas Heel’, ‘Saturn’ and ‘Coasted’ in all their glory. This concluded in a satisfying two hours of music curated for fans of both monikers.

Cube v3 Debut

The Cube grew and evolved as the years passed by, with the first toured model shown in the starting video. deadmau5 then revived it and toured the 2.1 version. For Ultra 2019, the artist announced that he wanted to perform with the third version. Luckily, we got a live stream of the performance (which did not go without a hitch). You can watch the most recent Cube in action in the video below!

The Cage

Glastonbury 2015, Deadmau5 showed off his Cage stage design on stream. While the stage did not receive much action, we at least have a recording to look towards.

Joel took to Reddit to update us on The Cube and his creative state. Furthermore, he’s looking to debut the third version of the Cube at UK’s Creamfields festival. He kicks off a North American tour on September 12 which you can buy tickets for here.