New Book by Kmag to Explore the History of Drum & Bass


Knowledge (widely known as Kmag) was one of the first British dance music publications to really give drum & bass the recognition & respect it deserved. Running from 1994 to 2014, Kmag was the essential pick-me-up for any true drum & bass fan. And it had it all; the latest news and reviews, interviews with the scene’s biggest artists & amazing mix CDs.

Knowing just how impactful Kmag was is exactly why co-founder Colin Steven is bringing back Kmag one last time:  

“The main reason I’m bringing Knowledge back is that I feel I have unfinished business. Reaching 20 years was such an important milestone but it was a bittersweet moment and I didn’t celebrate it because I knew the end was coming. Earlier this year I realised that this year was our 25th anniversary so I wanted to mark the occasion somehow. What better way than with one last issue?

“At first I considered doing a magazine but I want to make it really special. One of the things former readers say to me when they find out that I used to edit Knowledge is that they still have all of their copies and can’t bring themselves to throw them away! So if people can’t part with their magazines then surely they will appreciate a one-off premium book?”

Knowledge Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Book is coming this December. Featuring a hardback cloth cover & a debossed Knowledge logo, it’s one sweet piece of memorabilia. You can pre-order it now, and as an added bonus your name will go in the book’s credits. So you too will be a part of drum & bass history.