Michigan State Police Director Shares Electric Forest Experience

all image courtesy of MLive

The state police is regularly involved when a large scale event is occurring So, that’s no different for Electric Forest. However, EDM festivals easily have bad reputations attached, with all the assumed drug use, alcohol consumption, and irresponsible behaviors. The local state police see these situations firsthand and deal with them. So it’s only natural if they have less than positive attitudes towards EDM festivals.

MSP help direct traffic for all 50,000 attendees

However, an interview with the Michigan State Police director went differently. MSP provides their services for all four days of Electric Forest. Since Electric Forest is a yearly event, there are some officers who volunteer each year to help. For example, Tpr. Neil Holton is one of them. He volunteered for the detail for the first time a decade ago, and is now a regular at the festival. Attendees call the 32-year police veteran the “Kandi Cop.” This year, MSP made and traded their own kandi for the first time.

Q: What’s the first thing you think of when you see a police officer?

MSP: As director of the Michigan State Police, I hope it’s something positive, but I’m realistic enough to know that for some people, that’s not the case. So, for those in the latter category, know this – the MSP is committed to changing perceptions, to helping you see law enforcement in a new, and brighter light.

So although the police does have to arrest or kick out people breaking laws or disrupting the environment, they’re just doing their job to keep festival grounds safe. The police aren’t there to stop people from having fun, and it’s proof of that at Electric Forest.

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