Luttrell & Ben Böhmer – Gibberish

Anjunadeep just presented us with the debut collaboration from two of its mainstays, Luttrell and Ben Böhmer on ‘Gibberish‘. The two incredible producers have managed to combine their respective styles and sounds in a fashionable manner. This is delivered to us on the heels of both artists’ appearance at Anjunadeep Explorations.

In its six and a half minute glory, ‘Gibberish’ introduces itself with a deep rumbling bass and kick. From that point, both Luttrell and Ben’s sounds begin to intertwine with the melody. Layering pads with a melancholic tuned vocal, the collaboration begins to take off in its mood-setting. Beautiful and spacious melodies envelope the track as it progressively introduces elements building onto the foundations of the production. Overall, it’s nothing short of the immersive soundscape which is becoming of both artists.

Luttrell is presenting this collaboration trailing his galactic and eclectic ‘Into Clouds‘ album which garnered positive attention. Furthermore, he received support from the likes of Kölsch, Lane 8, Joris Voorn, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac and Pete Tong. On the other side of the coin, Ben continues his streak of exceptional releases cementing his prodigious stature. To add onto that, the German producer has established his own imprint, Top Töpferei. Furthermore, you can catch them both performing at Above & Beyond‘s Group Therapy Weekender on July 28. If you’re looking to check into their touring schedule, you can find Luttrell’s here, and Ben’s here.

Finally, listen to Luttrell and Ben Böhmer’s ‘Gibberish’ via Anjunadeep below!