Airwaks and RL Grime Win Their Second Fortnite Title

This past weekend, Fortnite hosted the first ever Fortnite World Cup tournament. Karim “Airwaks” Benghalia and RL Grime were the winners of the Celebrity Pro-Am tournament on day 1 of the World Cup. For those that don’t know, this tournament consists of 50 duo teams. Each team consists of one professional player and one “amateur” player. Earlier this summer, Airwaks and RL Grime won the Pro-Am tournament in Los Angeles at the Fortnite Summer Block Party. This makes them the only duo in Fortnite history to win 2 Pro-Am tournaments.

rl grime & airwaks raising their title

The duo of RL Grime & Airwaks took the tournament by storm. They rose through the ranks beating fan-favorites like the team of Ninja and Marshmello. They also have a Pro-Am title under their belts. At the World Cup, the question was whether or not those two teams were going to take a second title, or if a third duo would rise up to join the former champs.

The final round of the tournament proved to be the best for Airwaks & RL Grime. They showcased their improved team synergy since the last tournament. In the final round, they were able to secure high kills while remaining safe in the late game. They did not secure the victory royale. However, they won the Celebrity Pro-Am with 52 points. This was still 12 points ahead of second place. RL Grime had this to say about his teammate: “Airwaks is a really incredible player. He taught me a lot about the game at the competitive level and rotating around the map… he’s a great mentor.” At the end, the duo won 1 million dollars to donate to their favorite charity.

The next Celebrity Pro-Am has is still in the works as the World Cup just ended. However, if RL Grime and Airwaks enter again, they will absolutely be the favorites to win as the first ever two-time Pro-Am Champions. You can check out the results from the entire tournament here.