It’s been only two months since Coachella 2019 and tickets for Coachella 2020 are already going on sale starting June 14th. Listed as an advance sale event organizer, Goldenvoice/AEG are looking to start cashing in on next year’s festival ASAP with a presale feature.

Pre-sale buyers can purchase tickets to either weekend, as well as high-priced travel packages.  These are only available ‘while supplies last,’ and subject to a ‘4-pass limit per order’. Clearly it’s a cheeky way to try to entice future festival goers to commit to the event regardless of lineup.

‘Official Travel Packages’ are available June 13th, meaning buyers can grab early tickets while also purchasing high-end accommodation.  The bundled deal also includes amenities like a shuttle service. In addition, payment plans are being offered for the packages that cross the $1,000-mark.

Coachella weekend 1 and weekend 2 dates have already been set for 2020. Weekend 1 is happening April 10th-12th, while Weekend 2 takes place on April 17th-19th. To Coachella’s credit, the festival has such a draw that selling tickets this early shows how big the festival really is.

Another reason why Coachella is doing this is to get an idea of what they can expect for attendance next year. While still in the early stages for planning, Coachella is trying to see what they could change. They will ideally gain a better idea of how to finance the festival to help bring the best experience. Hopefully, that also means making sure attendees are keeping things PG during the festival and ensuring that another explosion and fire doesn’t happen. Despite last year’s tickets on StubHub being lower than retail prices, Coachella is not afraid of selling tickets out!