Charlotte de Witte’s 4th BBC Radio 1 Residency Show With Unreleased Tracks

The Belgian queen of dark techno returns to BBC Radio 1 Residency Show with her 4th episode. Charlotte de Witte took over the airwaves on June 3rd, delivering proper heavy techno sounds, glazed with notes of acid. An addictive, hour-long curation that will surely nurse your ears with pure bliss.

Charlotte’s mix opens with very “ambient-minded” sounds and progresses into deeper, darker, thumping sounds. With her love for acid techno, she highlights new tunes from Alignment, Tawa Girl, and Jerome Baker that can be heard 20-minutes into the mix. Mid-way into the mix, Charlotte drops her unreleased track, “Patterns,” which is an ultimate treat for the ears. She mentions that this track may or may not be released in the future, and it’s surely worth waiting to hear. The show accelerates from an ambient opening to a progressively faster 130-140 bpm finish line. Witte notes that the last 3 tracks of the mix are her absolute favorites in acid techno at the moment. Prepare for “absolute floor destruction” she says.

Charlotte de Witte’s Residency show airs on the first Sunday night/Monday morning of every month.


  1. Loss Of Balance – An Introduction
  2. Kosei Fukuda – Kouya (Painted By Yotam Avni Remix)
  3. Class Herrmann – Raskolnikow
  4. Jeff Rushin – Confusion
  5. Tawa Girl – Cobra
  6. Jerome Baker – Inhibited Flow
  7. Charlotte de Witte – Patterns (Unreleased)
  8. Paul Ritch – Scud 137
  9. Roll Dann – Secret
  10. Alignment – Turn Off
  11. SCHÄDEL – Nature
  12. Alignment – Interference (Regal Remix)

Charlotte de Witte mentions that she’s had quite a busy month thus far. She’s been touring in North and South America, Argentina, Uruguay, Washington, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Toronto. Witte has been conquering Western and Eastern hemispheres, playing massive shows and festivals. She will be at Awakenings Festival later this month. Check her upcoming tour dates here.